Platform Features

Multichain NFT marketplace Interoperable cross chain NFT marketplace with social features, gasless transactions and 3d art gallery
NFT Wallet Multichain wallet to store NFTs and digital assets Collections Rare NFT drops which includes licenced art, music and sports cards
NFT COLLATERALIZED LOANS Put your NFT assets up as collateral for a loan, or offer loans to other users on their non-fungible tokens.
Royalties Creators can configure flexible royalties on creations to receive secondary sale commissions. PRARE token holders will be able to set royalties a bit higher.
Unlockable content: Store private files that will not be previewed openly but only unlocked for the current owner. NFT price discoverability protocol Price discovery models that determines the realistic value of your NFT’s
Social features Social features like user profiles, ratings, comments, favorite and sharing to increase creator and fan engagement
Multi content support Support for 2D and 3D media
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