Technical Specification

Most NFT platforms are based on Ethereum. However, current Ethererum network congestion issues have become a bottleneck for NFT creation and trading. Polkarare platform targets to be a multi-chain NFT platform, where creators and users can optimize the blockchains they want to use, and seamlessly transfer them across different networks.
The initial phase of the platform allows NFT creation on Ethereum and Polygon chains. In phase 2, we will add NFT creation on the BSC and gradually extend it to other blockchain networks.
Currently, all of the Polkarare repositories are private, but we will open source as soon as possible. The following is a list of some of the core technologies that we are using:
The economy includes the following components:
• A NFT marketplace for users to create and trade digital content • Smart contracts for marketplace functionality on multi chains • Social & commerce modules • Account Module to handle email auth and social logins • A decentralized storage system to securely stores all of the digital content’ files • Server modules for storage of unessential data • Price discoverability engine NFT Specification PRARE NFTs will be based on ERC1155 specification. PRARE NFTs will work with all external systems that support the ERC1155 standard like OpenSea. PRARE NFT contains metadata such as the address of the original creator, royalty fee ratio, unlockable content etc.,